Why book hotel rooms on cityhotels.com?

Cityhotels.com lets you search among 200.000 hotels world wide, and we continually have great deals and last minute offers. Cityhotels.com opened in 2006 and we have extensive knowledge and experience of hotel brokerage. We are updated and constantly inspecting hotels. Our customer service is fast and always available.

How can cityhotels.com keep the prices so low?

Together with our suppliers we facilitate thousands of hotel bookings every year. This means that we can drive down prices and offer a wide selection of hotels world wide.

Why is it cheaper to book hotel rooms through cityhotels.com than directly with the hotel?

cityhotels.com cooperate with major international suppliers who have over 20 years experience in the industry. Together we manage a large number of bookings, which means that we can offer very good prices.

How do I reserve a room?

You book your hotel room online at cityhotels.com or over the phone. When the reservation is registered the booking can be paid in one of two ways:

We will send a "hotel voucher" (hotel document) to the stated e-mail address. The voucher must be signed and handed in in the reception when arriving to the hotel. The hotel voucher is a document showing the validity of the reservation.

Is it safe to pay with my credit card?

Read about secure payment on cityhotels.com here.

What credit cards are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover credit cards and Visa Electron.

Can I specify where in the hotel I want a room (what floor, near the pool, etc.)?

This can not be done during the booking process. But you can always contact us via our contact form or on our phone number, +47 98 03 56 95, and we will forward your request to the hotel. However, we cannot guarantee that the hotel will be able to fulfill the request.

Is the room price per person, per room or per night?

Prices shown on cityhotels.com show the total price, calculated according to the number of people, rooms and nights. No taxes or extra charges will be added.

Are there special offers and last minute deals?

Many of our hotels have special offers and last minute deals that can favorably be booked on cityhotels.com. To get the latest deals subscribe on our e-mail news letter or like us on http://www.facebook.com/cityhotelscom

I'll got an extraordinary offer. How do I book it?

Usually we do not give any discounts apart from those displayed in the list of hotels. But sometimes we have promotions with discount codes that we distribute to our facebook members and former customers. Find us on www.facebook.com/cityhotelscom. If you have received a discount code but cannot find it, get in touch with us, and we'll help you retrieve it.

The hotel have not yet registered my reservation in their system

Don't worry – your room has been booked, but often the hotels do not record the names of customers until 14 days before check in. This is because many hotels do not want to make changes in their systems before this is necessary, as it takes time, as customers might still change their bookings.

Will the hotel voucher be sent to me by cityhotels.com or by the hotel?

Cityhotels.com send all hotel vouchers and booking confirmations. We also manage your booking.

What if I find a lower price after booking?

Some internet prices on our site are guaranteed to be the lowest price. But sometimes it happens that we have campaign offers in which prices are even lower. Should you find a lower price after you have booked, it is important that you to contact us. Unless there is a special special cancellation policy, we will pay the difference and change your reservation. Please check with the cancellation policy specified in your booking.

Will my credit card be charged when I place the order?

At cityhotels.com you will often be able to choose whether to pay immediately or at the hotel.

When paying now:

The amount will be drawn from your account when the order has been completed. You won’t have to think about payment when you arrive to the hotel, but hotels often ask for the the card details when checking in, in case of extra expenses such as minibar, bar and restaurant.

When paying at the hotel:

You don’t pay anything when booking, but when checking out. We will send the data of your card encrypted and securely to the hotel. The card must be valid until after the date of checking out.

How do I request special room types such as connecting rooms, smoking room, or for a specific bed type or early check-in?

Sometimes you can do this while making your booking. If you are unable to enter your request in the booking form, please send us an email, and our customer service will help you.

Will my price remain the same in case I change my booking?

This depends on what changes you are making. For instance, if you change the dates or the room type there may be a price difference.

Can I reserve more than one room?

Yes, up to three rooms can be booked. Please contact us via email or phone if you need more than three rooms.

How do I make a hotel booking for someone else, such as an employee?

You make the reservations as usual and fill in your details, then you write the name of the person who will be checking in.

Do I have to pay for the first night if I arrive the day after?

Yes, the first night must be paid, as the hotel has kept the room free for you.

I have a problem with my online reservation, what should I do?

Please contact our customer service via email or phone, and we will help you.

How do I book a hotel that meet my specific requirements?

Read the hotel description carefully, usually it will have information about specific ameneties and services, etc.. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact our customer service and we will help you.

How do I change my hotel booking?

Contact our customer services for assistance.

Does it cost anything to change my booking?

It varies from booking to booking and the conditions for this will be shown clearly before final booking and in your confirmation of the booking.


What is the cancellation policy for my booking?

Cancellation cost vary depending on the hotel and the period of your stay. This policy can be read by clicking the "Cancellation policy"-link before you confirm your booking.

How do I cancel my hotel reservation?

Amendments and cancellations must be submitted in writing to us via our contact form. Amendments and cancellations must be sent us in our opening times which are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm CET, except holidays.

Will I get a refund if I cancel before the deadline for free cancellation?

We credit the amount immediately, but it may take up to 10 days before the amount becomes available on your account. Please contact our customer service if the money has not come after 30 days.

Can I cancel my hotel reservation online?

No, this is not possible. Amendments and cancellations must be submitted in writing to us via our contact form. Amendments and cancellations must be sent us in our opening times which are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm CET, except holidays.

Will my credit card be charged if I forget to cancel?

If you forget to cancel the will usually have to pay for the first night, will rest of your payment will be refunded. If your rate is marked “non-refundable” the whole sum will be charged.


What happens when I make a reservation at cityhotels.com?

We will send a "hotel voucher" (hotel document) to the stated e-mail address. The voucher must be filled out and handed in in the reception when arriving to the hotel. The hotel voucher is a document showing the validity of the reservation.

How long does it take before my reservation is confirmed?

We will confirm your booking with the hotel instantly. A booking confirmation and a hotel voucher (hotel document) will then be sent to your specified e-mail address. Hotels that are marked “requested” might take up to 48 hours before they can confirm the booking. In these cases we will require more time before we can give you the confirmation. If the booking has been made during the weekend, it might take more than 48 before we have the confirmation.

I do not have a printer / I have difficulties printing my hotel voucher

Contact our customer service and we will help you, and send the hotel voucher directly to the hotel.

How do I get a receipt for my hotel reservation?

Once the reservation has been made we will send a receipt to your e-mail address. If you cannot find the email, please check your spam filter or contact our customer service and we will resend it to you.

What do I do if my booking does not appear in the hotel's records when I arrive?

It is important that bring your hotel voucher / hotel document, so the hotel can contact us. You can also contact cityhotels.com or our supplier, which can be contacted on its 24 customer service number.


What are “holiday rentals”?

Holiday rentals are apartments or houses with self-service facilities. This usually includes a kitchenette equipped with refrigerator, freezer, microwave, etc. Many holiday rentals have separate bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, one or several bath rooms, a machine and tumble dryer. Some also have balconies or terraces. Towels and sheets, as well as cleaning and other hotel services are usually included. Unlike hotels where you usually pay per person, with holiday rentals you pay for the whole house and a maximum number of people. Most holiday rentals with one bed room and a sofa bed in the living room can made up for four people. Most two-bedroom rentals can accommodate six people, and most three-bedroom accommodations can be made up for eight people. Please read the description of your selected holiday rental carefully to make sure that has the facilities and number of beds that you need.

Where do I collect the keys to my holiday rental?

You will receive this information in the email with your hotel confirmation. Usually you can pick up the keys from a reception or an office near the rental.

Can I book over the phone?

Please feel free to contact us by phone. Please have your credit card information ready. We do not charge any booking or handing fees for this. Call us on +47 98 03 56 95

What kind of customer service does cityhotels.com offer?

The customer service team of cityhotels.com is happy to help you with general inquires, bookings, and other requests. We have regular opening hours, which you can see by following the link to our customer service. When this service is closed you are more than welcome to call and leave us a message or to write us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible. For specific inquiries about booking confirmations there is a 24-hours telephone and email service. This support is open around the clock seven days a week.

I am looking for a hotel in New York. Can cityhotels.com help me?

Yes we can. Cityhotels.com has extensive experience in hotel brokerage and we are constantly traveling around and inspecting hotels. If you have specific requirements and wishes, we are more than happy to help you find a hotel that will satisfy them. If you are looking for a specific hotel and unable to find it in our list, we can probably help you find it. For us, the first priority of any journey is to find comfortable accommodation.

Does the hotel provide airport transport?

Most hotels offer their guests transportation to and from the airport for an additional cost. Some airport hotels offer free transportation, in which case it is noted in the hotel description. If the hotel does not provide such service, cityhotels.com can offer different types of transport, eg. Limousine or bus services for groups. For larger groups with day programs we can also customize transportation.

Is there parking at the hotel? Free parking? Long-term parking?

Most hotels own or collaborate with car parks or parking lots. Some provide free parking, but most don't. The price of parking varies. Some hotels also offer long-term parking. Our hotel descriptions usually provide information about parking options; if not, please contact our customer service.

What happens if we stay more than two adults in one room?

Most hotels allow this at an additional cost. They usually make it possible by adding an extra bed to the room, or by unfolding a sofa-bed. It is important that you notify the hotel about such needs before you check in, as some hotel rooms are subject to strict rules that prohibit the adding of beds due to safety concerns.

We are traveling with children, can they stay with us free of charge?

Infants of less than 2 years can stay free of charge. Usually, children between 2 and 12 years can also be hosted at no extra charge. Children over 12 years will usually count as one extra person. In any case, we recommend that you book a room with a cot bed or extra bed if you are bringing a child. Remember to specify the age of the child/children. If you have already made your booking without specifying this, please contact our customer service, and we will help you notify the hotel.

Are there extra beds / cots in the hotel?

Yes, usually these are available. Remember to let the hotel know your needs before your arrival. Some double rooms are too small to have an extra bed added. Single rooms cannot easily be booked with an extra bed. However, a cot can usually be added. Please contact us, if the hotel description does not show the relevant information.

How do you get to the hotel?

The address and phone number of the hotel is written on the hotel voucher. In the hotel description you will find a map and a description of how you can get to the hotel.

Is breakfast included in hotel price?

This varies somewhat. If it is included it will usually be specified in the hotel description.

What is the complaints policy of cityhotels.com?

Cityhotels.com continually strives to provide the best possible service. Therefore we ask you to forward any complaints to our customer service rather than to the hotel. Note that we are only an agent, which means that we cannot be held responsible for the service and standard of the hotel, etc. Any complains must be submitted in writing by e-mail within 60 days after checkout. We will pay all valid claims for compensation no later than 60 days after the complaint has been processed.

Does my hotel have any minimum age limits for visitors?

Yes, some hotels require that visitors have a certain age. For instance, casino hotels require that guests are minimum 21 years or older. If there is an age limit this will be clearly stated in the hotel description or hotel policy.

Can I be put on a waiting list if a hotel is sold out?

Yes, you can. This happens automatically when you book hotels that are marked "on request", or you can contact our customer service and we will help you.

I am traveling with my pet, is that allowed?

This varies from one hotel to another. Please contact our customer service and we will check it for you. Sometimes it is also apparent in the hotel description. Generally hotels that allow pets have an extra charge for animal visitors.

How should I proceed, if I have a question about an old reservation?

Please contact our customer service

I have paid in advance, but the hotel has also drawn money from my credit card

First, check what this charge is for. If the hotel has charged your credit card for the hotel room even though you have presented them with the hotel voucher when you checked in, please contact us and we will take care of it.

Is cityhotels.com supported by all browsers?

Cityhotels.com is supported by all newer browsers. We welcome any suggestions for improvements or questions about the hotel or your reservation.